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The default price listing for my commissions can be seen in this picture down below. All prices here are listed using US Dollars.

A PayPal invoice listing the total amount of price will be sent after you confirmed your commission order.

A maximum of 2 (two) characters can be ordered on a single commission order.

For Mascots, up to 5 (five) mascots can be ordered on a single commission order. As listed above, there's two type of mascot orders:

  • As Extra means that the mascot character(s) will accompany the main character that you commissioned.

  • As Main means that the mascot character(s) will be the main character(s) featured in the commission art that you've ordered.

For Commercial commissions, the default and additional prices listed above will be multiplied by five times. Here are the prices for Commercial commissions after its adjustment.

TypeCommercial PriceExtra Character(s)
Headshot$75 USD$37.5 USD
Bust-Up$100 USD$50 USD
Half-Body$125 USD$62.5 USD
Thigh-Up$150 USD$75 USD
Full-Body$200 USD$100 USD
Mascots as Extra$35 USD$35 USD
Mascots as Main$50 USD$50 USD
Backgrounds$25 - $50 USD-
Rush Fee$50 USD-



  • Everyone will be required to follow the guidelines below during the commission process.

  • I will accept a maximum of 2 characters and 5 mascots in a single commission order.

  • Failure to follow the guidelines listed in the Terms of Service will result in the termination of the requested commission. Repeated violations of this will result in an exclusion of yourself as a commission customer.

  • No NFT, or doing anything related with crypto is allowed. If you were caught NFT'ing/crypto-ing my stuff, you're automatically excluded from any and all future contacts.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s a part that you’re unsure of during the whole commission ordering process.

  • By reading the Terms of Service, you have acknowledged and agreed to follow the rules and regulations listed in the TOS.

  • The following TOS would change from time to time. For repeat customers, always re-read the TOS to check if there’s any updates on the TOS on your future commission orders.

II. What I will / won't draw

As mentioned in the Commissions section of my main Carrd page, here's a list of things that I will draw:

  • Fanarts

  • Original Characters (OC)

  • Gijinka

  • Kemonomimi

  • Mascots (For example: Precure fairies, Pokemon's, Digimon's)

And here's a list of things that I will NOT draw:

  • Anything NSFW / Fetish

  • Gore / Extreme Violence

  • Furries

  • Mecha

  • Realistic / Pixel Illustrations

III. General Ordering Rules

  • Orders will be done in a “First come, first served” manner. If all commission quotas are already filled when you placed your order, I will place your commission order in the Waiting List whilst I worked on the commissions I’ve worked upon at the time of your ordering.

  • All commission orders will be automatically assumed as a General commission, unless the customer asked it to be a Private or a Commercial commission.

A. Commission Dimensions

The following are the list of image dimensions available for each Commission Type, listed in width x height and in landscape/horizontal layout. All dimensions will be worked on a 300 dpi file. This is applicable for General, Private, and Commercial commissions.

Here's some of the dimension choices that is available to the customer when you commissioned a commission art. Vertical variants of the following dimensions are available as well. Feel free to ask me if you want a dimension that isn't listed in this listing.

  • Custom dimension as per commissioner's request

  • Square sized, minimum 800x800 px and up to 2160x2160 px

  • 1920x1080 px (1080p)

  • 2560x1440 px (1440p)

  • 3508x2480 px (A4)

  • 3840x2160 px (2160p/4K)

  • 4961x3605 px (A3)

B. Private Commissions

  • Customers that ordered a Private commission will receive an Anonymous mark on public logs such as on my Trello tracking page.

  • Commissions marked as Private will not be posted on my social media accounts. However, I reserved a right to potentially use the Private commission art on public portfolios such as on ArtStation, DeviantArt, and Pixiv, in which case the name of the customer will be listed as Anonymous.

C. Commercial Commissions

  • Commissions marked as a Commercial commission are used for commissions that would be sold and/or used for profit generation by the customer that ordered it. Commercial-type commissions includes things listed below. Do note that you're NOT allowed to use this commercially-created commissions on ANY crypto platform, especially with anything regarding NFT.

  • Application icons

  • Cover arts for things such as books, magazines, video games, etc.

  • Merchandise designs (i.e. mugs, T-shirts, posters, gift cards, vinyls, phone cases)

  • Promotional artwork

  • Social media banner/headers

  • Due to the importance of it, Commercial commissions will have the following things:

  • The price will be quintupled from the initial set of prices listed in the Commissions section.

  • All Commercial commissions will receive a higher priority compared to other commissions.

IV. Payment

  • The customer will be required to pay the commission upfront using PayPal with US Dollars as the currency of choice.

  • If one happens to own an Indonesian bank account, then one can alternatively pay the commission order via a bank transfer to my bank account instead.

  • An invoice for the payment will be sent after the details of the commission is discussed. Work on the commission will only start after I receive the payment.

  • There is a 5-day period for the customer to pay the price listed in the invoice starting from the day I sent the payment invoice. Failure to pay the price invoice sent within the time period will result in an automatic cancellation for the commission.

  • The prices listed in the Commission Form have included the prices to pay the PayPal service tax. Therefore, customers will agree to pay the PayPal service tax for the commissioned art.

V. Cancellation & Refunding

  • Once paid, a Commission order can only be cancelled if any of the scenarios are met:

  • Customer asked for the cancellation BEFORE the commissioned work is completed.

  • If the commission isn’t completed one week after the specified deadline that is agreed upon.

  • It exceeded the 2-month maximum time period of working.

  • Should any of the three scenarios are met, then the customer can contact me immediately to ask for the refund.

  • If the customer asked for a WIP prior to the cancellation, then the customer does not hold any right to use any WIPs from the cancelled commission that was shared to them.

VI. Commission Process

  • Commission process will be done in a “First come, first served” manner, just like with the Ordering process. I’m capable of working up to 4 commission orders at one time.

  • All types of commission will have a maximum deadline time of 2 months starting from the date I received the payment of it. I will be trying to complete this as soon as I possibly can, but factors such as health, studies, works outside of artwork, the complexity level, and magnitude of commissions that I worked on may result in a longer completion time.

  • All customers can check their commission progress via my Trello page.

  • Customers hold the right to ask for WIP of the art piece they commissioned twice during the commission process. Said WIP will have a watermark applied to them.

  • Customers will receive two full resolution digital PNG file of your commission upon completion, one non-watermarked and one watermarked. Both versions will feature my personal signatures and the date of completion that you can't take off by any means necessary. Both files will be sent to the destination that we’ve agreed upon.

  • Only minor changes, such as marking/coloring/shading mistakes, can be corrected with no extra fee.

  • An extra pay will be charged if the customer wants to make a significant change to the art, such as a completely different coloring, background, and/or outfits. The price for this will vary from case to case.

VII. Copyright & Usage Policy

  • By default, I, the artist, will have the full copyright rights for the commission arts made, but not for the character(s) in the case of OC commissions. I have the right to use the commissioned art to:

  • Promote myself online on art sharing sites.

  • Commercialize it as part of a print selling or an art collection book.

  • Display and post it in my social media accounts (except for Private commissions).

  • Use any of the arts made on commissions for my CV/portfolio.

  • Unless it’s a Commercial commission, customers would have the right to use the commissioned art only for personal uses. For non-fanart commissions, customers would receive the full copyright rights for the character(s) they commissioned.

  • The following describes what “personal uses” a customer can do with the commission arts that they ordered:

  • Using it as a wallpaper on your electronic devices.

  • Using the commissioned art as icons/avatars on your personal social media accounts.

  • Printing it with no intention of selling it.

  • Share the commissioned art in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with full credit given to the artist.

  • Customers would infringe the copyrights applied to the commissioned art they ordered if they do any of the following acts. Customers that were spotted doing any of the infractions will be BANNED from commissioning with me again. Unless mentioned or negotiated (except for the last case, it's unnegotiable), this penalty would be applied to every type of commission.

  • Sharing and claiming the commissioned art as YOUR own art, whether in social media websites or in art-sharing websites such as Deviantart and Pixiv.

  • Removing any watermark/signatures that the artist has put in the commissioned art.

  • Altering the commission in any way, shape or form, without the artist’s consent.

  • Reproducing/selling the commissioned art commercially without first agreeing to it.

  • Mint/sell the commissioned arts on any crypto platforms, especially the usage of NFT.


If you're interested in ordering a commissioned art piece from me, click the "Order" button below to start your commission order!

  • Please contact me as soon as you placed your order to begin its processing and invoice delivery process, preferably through Twitter DMs to @rezamaulana98 or Discord DMs to RezaMaulana98#8001.

  • Feel free to ask me more about the commissions at anytime, but the form submission will only accept orders when I'm accepting commissions.

  • I will try my best to respond and process your commission orders within the first 24 hours after I received news of the order.